Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Theres Nothing Better Than Good Wood Ayyyyo

No But really These Are Some Creative Mofos They create Customs Pieces As Well As Some Of Thier Own Collections Some Of Which Include The World Cup Edition Pieces For All Those Soccer Heads June 11 - July 11 By The Way Ha! The Famous Jesus Pieces That Always Sell Out Which You Can Find On Craigslist & Ebay For Triple The Price But It Is WOrth It And They Also Have These Cool Africa Pieces & Now Ny & Cali Pieces Whats Better Than That Really Check Out These Photos & Then Go Check Them Out http://goodwoodnyc.com/

If These Arent Cool

Then Your Thermostat Is Tooooooooo High

Memorial Day Weekend

I Hope Everyone Had a Blessed Memorial Day Weekend If It Was Spent With Family Or Friends Or Whomever This Is Probably The First Memorial Day Weekend I Actually Celebrated All 3 Days And It Was A Beautiful Thing Not Gonna Talk About Myself Too Much Here Because That Is Not What This Blog Is Intended For But My Weekend Started In Coogans In Washington Heights To Riverbank Park For A Bbq & 40 Oz Bounce & Empire Hotel Rooftop Bbq For More Pics Of The 40 Oz Ima Direct U TO My Mans Blog (nopretend.com)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Album Of The Year????

Empire Hotel Rooftop Bbq Lets See How This Goes...

So The Memorial Bbq On The Empire Hotel Was Pretty Cool Nothing Too Crazy Though. Live Jazz In A Dim Setting For The Single People Out There This Is A Cool Hook Up Spot Chat A Little Over A Drink Or Two And The Views Are Awesome As Well Ill Definitely Take a Trip Back There During The Summer Check IT Out Yall